Buffalo Chicken Dip #Recipe #Superbowl

Cheese, is like crack to me. I can’t eat just a little. With me, it’s all or nothing! So what better dish for me to make for a Superbowl than Cabot Cheese’s Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s quick, easy and really cheesy!

Downton Abbey: Pairing Wines with Television Shows

My wife is a huge fan of the PBS series, Downton Abbey. While I’ve been in the room with her while she watched it, I’ve never really paid attention to it. Since I am usually on my laptop tweeting, or setting my fantasy football lineup, I would be hard pressed to name...

OMG An Eight Pound Cheeseburger!

We visited The Catch, just across from Angels stadium in Anaheim, California where Rick witnessed the making of the famous "OMG" - an enormous eight pound cheeseburger!...

GODIVA Takes Chocolate Lovers Around the World in Six Bites

What’s not to love! Two of our favorite things: Travel and Chocolate …

GODIVA Chocolatier has created Chef Inspirations – Flavors of the World limited edition chocolate collection. Curated by GODIVA’s international chefs, Flavors of the World is inspired by their culinary journeys across the globe, and the unique local ingredients they have encountered. The chocolates incorporate deliciously surprising flavor profiles to allow chocolate lovers to travel the world in six bites.

Ghost Pepper, Tongue Torturing Fun at Zest Fest!

Experience the fine line between pleasure and pain at Zest Fest in Irving, as Rick enters Intensity Academy's "Hot Lolly Lick-a-thon", a fun tongue torturing contest involving a lollipop made from the infamous ghost peppers (Bhut Jolokia Chil). It is easily  the...

Celebrating Chardonnay Day

Chardonnay is the world's most popular white wine grape and is celebrated each year on May 23 in what is now recognized as National Chardonnay Day.  I'm not sure how National Chardonnay Day came into being, but any grape that is planted on over 400,000 acres worldwide...

Popping the Cork #WineWednesday

It's #WineWednesday and nothing says celebration like the sound of a Champagne cork popping. Wine is fine anytime, but if you want to turn a party into a celebration you've gotta bring the bubbles! Barefoot Wines produces a Brut Cuvée and Pink Moscato Bubbly that have...

It’s a Chocolate Kind of Day

We enjoyed more than a few of these chocolate covered cake balls  at the Jambalaya Jam in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  They came in a variety of flavors, so naturally we had to sample them all to make sure we didn't miss anything. The red velvet was Rick's favorite while...

Valentine Vino

So Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and you need a Valentine vino to compliment the chocolates and roses, something that's not too expensive, something to win points in the romance department. Think red! I'm playing it safe and going with one of my favorite...

National Chocolate Cake Day! Celebrate with Chocolate Cupcakes! #Recipe

It’s National Chocolate Cake Day and we are celebrating with Chocolate Cupcakes! Because we’re a mix and match kind of group, we like to take a little of this, a pinch of that and see what we come up with. This is never more fun than experimenting with one of our favorite desserts; cupcakes. Armed with a recipe for dark chocolate cupcakes (that are supposed to be stuffed with peanut butter filling) found on, the Midlife Road Trip test kitchen decided to see just how much chocolate we could stuff into a cupcake. Is there ever such a thing as too much? Our sweet tooth voted ‘No’.

The Year’s Most Memorable Foodie Moments

How could we let the year pass without highlighting some of the year’s Most Memorable Foodie Moments. So much of our travels are about food. Learning about local culture, breaking bread with new friends or toasting old ones with a fabulous wine, trying something we’ve never had before or learning about the ingredients it takes to make an amazing meal. Sometimes it’s as simple as an unbelievable donut and a great cup of coffee and other times it’s a multi-course meal in a 5-star restaurant.

Our travels over the last 12 months have taken us to some incredible destinations. As hopeless foodies, we love sharing our culinary adventures. So as we reflect on this year’s journey, we thought we’d share some of our most memorable dining experiences of this past year.

A Wino’s Guide to Holiday Wines

Choosing, gifting, and drinking wines for the holidays? Of course you are! Here is your “wino” guide for picking the perfect wine for all of the festivities. Holiday Office Party You don’t have to skimp on quality when buying in quantity for the office party....

Sauce it Up! Bananas Foster #Recipe #SundaySupper

We’re going to Sauce it Up with this simple Bananas Foster #Recipe for #SundaySupper!

When you travel as often as we do, the last thing you want to do when you get home is to make dishes that require a lot of time in the kitchen or shopping for ingredients. That’s why we love this very simple to make Bananas Foster sauce. It has only a handful of ingredients, most of which you usually have on hand and it’s ready in minutes.

Serve it over vanilla ice cream and you have a delicious dessert in no time!

A Fall Festival Not to Miss: Check out the Jambalaya Jam for Good Food, Music and Family Fun!

A Fall Festival Not to Miss: Check out the Jambalaya Jam! Good Eats, Good Music and Good Family Fun! The annual Jambalaya Jam in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a must for fall festival fanatics. Guests at this incredible down town street party are invited to dance in the streets to live music and sample some of Louisiana’s best jambalaya from over 40 competing teams. These folks are as serious about their jambalaya as LSU fans are about their football.

Celebrating #CabernetDay with a 2008 Aurielle Cabernet Sauvignon

This year I'm celebrating #CabernetDay with a 2008 Aurielle Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a old adage that wine gets better with age. The Aurielle is a higher end Napa Valley wine that if cellared for a few years will totally ROCK!   However, I have neither the patience...

Culinary Travel: 3 trends that will have you asking for seconds

Have you noticed that more and more people are traveling for a good meal? We have found that Culinary Travel is on the rise. We sat down with Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards on the syndicated morning show Daytime and shared 3 trends that will have you asking for seconds.

Behind the Scenes ~ Berry Fresh Cafe

We received several emails telling us that we HAD to eat at the Berry Fresh Cafe in Port St. Lucie , Florida. So when we were in the area filming at the PGA Village, we  stopped by and were treated to some great food and great...

Shrimp Fra Diablo #Recipe

This Shrimp Fra Diablo #Recipe is just what you need to spice up your menu! I had the pleasure to dine at Timpanos Italian Chophouse in Tampa the other night. It was a great meal and I tasted just about everything on the menu from meatballs to mussels. One of my favorite dishes was the Shrimp Fra Diablo. Packed with flavor and a little kick, the Shrimp Fra Diablo was a personal favorite so I asked, and they gave me the recipe to share with you. Their recipe is for a single serving, but I would multiply by five (because that’s MY size single serving) …..

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Crab Tostadas and Chipotle Remoulade #Recipe

Join us in celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Crab Tostadas and Chipotle Remoulade a recipe we got from the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, Executive Chef, Ashley James. One of our favorite places to unwind is their Windows Lounge. Plush sofas, comfortable armchairs and an inviting outdoor patio provided us a great place to relax, people watch ( favorite pastime of ours) and sample enticing appetizers from around the world, try a specialty martini (or two) and peruse the extensive wine list. We know you’ll enjoy this Crab Tostadas as much as we did!

La Dolce Vita … The Sweet Life

On Santa Monica Boulevard, a little Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita “The Sweet Life” sits unassumingly since 1966. While outwardly it’s unremarkable, inside it is the keeper of stories of some of Hollywood’s most notorious characters. Restored to it’s original glory during a 7 month hiatus, owner Alessandro Uzielli, clearly passionate about this rare treasure, resurrected the decor and menu that contributed to its previous success.

Classic Tomato Sauce

The sign of a good  Italian restaurant is a classic tomato sauce. La Dolce Vita, on Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA is  a little Italian restaurant  that has been there unassumingly since 1966. While outwardly it’s unremarkable, inside it is the keeper of...

National Pecan Day! Celebrate with Pie #Recipe

It’s National Pecan Day! Celebrate with Pie #Recipe … This time of year has us all dreaming of the South. Sunny skies, gentle warm breezes are enjoyed from a chair on the front porch while sipping sweet tea as we share stories with friends & family. We’re all feeling a little “Steel Magnolia” stirring in us as we anticipate the coming spring. In celebration of all things southern, we’re exploring all your favorite non-yankee places, people & tradition on today’s #Nuts “therapy session”. So in preparation, we offer up one of our favorite gifts from south of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s from a cookbook by Fannie Flagg, “The Whistle Stop Cafe”. We guarantee, you’ll love it.

Granola .. Utah’s Famed Alta Lodge Recipe

On a Ski Trip to Utah we stayed at the Alta Lodge circa 1939

where we had a hearty breakfast that included the lodges very popular granola.

So delicious, we asked for the recipe.

Quick and Easy Sweet Italian Sausage Recipe

Quick and easy can also be bold & flavorful as I found out when I whipped up a last minute supper, using Sweet Italian Sausage and other things I already had on hand. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going to the store. It could be too hot, to cold, raining, I have a blog post to write or I just simply feel like getting creative and envisioning myself on the set of Chopped.

Escarole and Beans, A Skinny Italian Side Dish #Recipe #SundaySupper

Escarole and Beans is my absolute favorite skinny Italian side dish. It’s almost a soup, but, my friend Lucille who first made me this for me says it a side dish so, it’s a side dish! It is so easy, fresh and flavorful. It’s also filling and if you’re anything like me, someone who likes to eat large portions, you will love escarole and beans too! It’s a no guilt dish with an 80z serving having only about 125 calories and the perfect compliment to any Sunday Supper!

Green Wine is Good Wine

Each year an increasing number of wineries are discovering that sustainability practices not only protect natural resources, they produce better wines. Yes, green wine is good wine. To achieve Sustainability In Practice (SIP) Certification, winemakers must meet a...

Homemade Apple Pie #recipe

What better way to celebrate National Pie Day than with a BIG slice of Homemade Apple Pie! This recipe is the love child of Vicky Akins, who for years has taken these sweet offerings to the employees of her local pharmacy, bank and other offices enough times that THEY...

This week’s Spotlight is on Carrie a.k.a. @CruiseBuzz

This week's #Nuts Guest Therapist is Carrie a.k.a. @CruiseBuzz What's on your bucket list?  My bucket list includes travel to places to see penguins, ruins, and water.  What is your best Travel Tip Bring extra batteries and invest in a good suitcase.  What is your...

Meet Vicky Akins, We’re #Nuts About her!

Meet Vicky Akins, We’re #nuts about her! This week’s #NUTS Guest Therapist is Vicky Akins. Vicky’s been part of the #NUTS conversation since it began a little over two years ago. With her quick wit and amazing sense of humor Vicky is always the life of the #Nuts twitter party! She’s a frequent contributor of #Nuts topics and questions where her creativity takes center stage!

Healthy Snack Alert: Almond and Date Delight #Recipe

Looking for a Healthy Snack? This almond and date delight T is inspired by Larabar, a popular line of whole food bars that feature dates. This version mimics the taste of the beloved Almond Joy. While it wouldn’t be considered a low-fat snack, the combination of fruit, nuts and chocolate is much healthier than any candy bar. Recipe below.

Fast and Easy Appetizers #Recipes

Fast and easy appetizers: One of my favorite things about holiday parties is the variety of foods you usually have to choose from. A table is laid out before you, with so many choices, you literally take a spoonful of everything, just so you can taste it all.  Our...

Raising a glass of Emeril’s Champagne Punch to you! #sundaysupper

en #SundaySupper decided to throw a potluck we knew right away we’d make Emeril’s Champagne Punch! (Recipe Below) Since successfully arriving in MidLife, every day is a celebration! We love nothing more than getting together with friends for laughs and good times, whether talking about world travels or a delicious new recipe. Raising a glass of Emeril’s Champagne Punch to you and wishing you a healthy, happy and well traveled New Year!

A great example of never giving up on pursuing your dreams, Emeril Lagasse has inspired us to “Kick it up a Notch” when it comes to our own journey!

Our favorite Emeril Quotes: “When I first decided to open a restaurant, I was turned down by several banks. It was the late 80’s and many restaurants were failing. I refused to give up because I knew I had a good concept”

“Life just doesn’t hand you things. You have to get out there and make things happen. that’s the exciting part” “If you think big, then it’s going to be big”


The Ultimate Party Appetizer

Who knew making the Ultimate Party Appetizer could be so simple yet flavorful. Every once in awhile you find a brand that captures your attention(and taste buds) and it becomes a staple in your kitchen. That was certainly the case with Intensity Academy. Their award winning marinades, chups and hot sauces are regulars in the MidLife Road Trip pantry.

This Wine is the Cat’s Meow

Lately I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet. I remain a carnivore, but I’m including more chicken and fish in my diet and and less red meat. I generally prefer red wine, and while there are many reds that pair very well with foul and seafood, my new diet is giving...

Top 10 List: Tips to Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter

We love Twitter Chats, after all we created one of our own ( #nuts ) just over 2 years ago! They’re fun, a great way to meet like-minded people and learn about a subject near and dear to you. One of favorite type of chats is the Food Chat. You can find a food chat on Twitter just about any day of the week which is why we created the Top 10 list: Navigating a Food Chat on Twitter. Let the countdown begin!

Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

Disclaimer: I am not a baker. So, when my Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies turned out, no one was more surprised than me! #SundaySupper put out the holiday cookie challenge and well you know us, we never met a challenge we wouldn’t try. After all, Midlife is about stepping out of your comfort zone and well baking from scratch is quite uncomfortable! This recipe is easy. Very Easy. The cookies are melt-in-your mouth delicious with the perfect combination of sweet from the caramel with the sprinkling of sea salt. Truly a match made in cookie heaven.

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