I love all of my followers and recommend that you follow all of them – not just on Friday, but any day.  Heck, if they’ll follow me, they’ll follow anybody. But #FollowFriday on Twitter seems to be losing its luster and is becoming too much of a hassle.

It doesn’t mean much when you are recommended in a long list of people with no explanation as to why you should be followed. These lists are often retweetedby everyone on the list, thus filling our Friday tweet streams with a bunch of tweets that don’t really say or mean anything. Already today, I have received four #FollowFriday recommendations from people who don’t even follow me! I used to reciprocate all #FF recommendations, but now I am fearful that I might leave someone out and hurt their feelings. This adds to my stress.  

I want every day on Twitter to be fun, so I am advocating that #FollowFriday be replaced with #FishnetFriday! I am encouraging everyone to post pictures of fishnets for the sake of making Fridays on Twitter fun again! #FishnetFriday participants will by nature be the fun type of people that everyone will want to follow. So, to get the ball rolling, I am setting the bar low with my first #FishnetFriday picture. Thank you for your support in this movement.

Fishnet Friday

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