We usually associate the ocean with something along the lines of chilling at the beach, perhaps with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other, taking in the sun.

But while it does sound pretty good, the fact remains that the ocean can offer a lot more things to do, suited for all tastes and preferences – you can have a tremendous amount of fun in the water, and it can elevate your vacation from a simple leisurely week to an adventure you won’t soon forget.

So for those that want to spice up their next ocean trip, here are five thrilling ocean activities for your bucket list.


If you’re looking for ocean activities that will really get your adrenaline going, you can’t go wrong with parasailing – you get on a Banana Boat and get out in the open sea, where you are then lifted up to 300 feet, overseeing spectacular sights and watching as the people below turn into small blips on the ground and in the water.

A lot of people have their reservations about parasailing because of fears, but the fact is, that it is completely safe, especially since you always have the assistance and oversight of experienced staff.

Parasailing at Nagoa Beach, Diu, India


Another popular activity that always receives positive response from the people participating is kayaking – while many people think that it’s more suited for rivers, kayaking is just as fun in the ocean.

You can rent out a single or double ocean kayak and no previous preparation or experience is required; you simply put on your life jacket, grab the paddles and prepare to get wet as you’re fighting through the waves!

Young man in a kayak at sea

Jet Ski:

On your previous visits to the beach, you have most likely seen numerous people enjoying themselves on a Jet Ski. But while it might seem a bit extreme or difficult at first sight, it’s really a fun activity that can be done by anyone, even with children!

After going through a quick safety orientation, you can go blasting through the water and experience the thrill of speeding along the coastline, drawing the looks from the people on the shore.

Man on jet ski on lake

Sail Boat: 

For those that want an experience that’s a little bit more comfortable, while still having all the fun attributes of sailing through the water in the ocean, you can’t go wrong with a sailboat.

Most beaches have sailboat rides available, and they can be a great experience for the whole family – going out in the open sea and enjoying the sights, while a professional sailor takes you through a scenic route across the shoreline.

Sailboats in a race

Paddle Board: 

Finally, probably the newest trend among ocean activities is blasting through the waves on the stand-up paddle board, which is an active way of surfing that gives you much more control and possibilities than traditional surfing.

You can go exploring the waters on your own pace, and can be sure that you’ll be completely safe – there’s a short introductory course available that’ll teach you the basics of safety and maneuvering, so that you have the best experience possible each time.

Caucasian man on paddle board in ocean



The ocean can offer a lot of different fun activities for all tastes and preferences – especially when you’re willing to get wet and go challenge yourself in the water. You can get on a kayak, go paddle boarding, or enjoy a more leisurely experience on a sail boat. The sea will always be a terrific place to spend your day, and there are enough things to do to keep you busy for a very long time.


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