Five Things We Love About


1. Great value.  Not only is Aloft Clean and very Comfortable, they have great amenities like my personal favorite Bliss products in the room. Flat screen TV and coffee/tea in room.

2. It’s Hip: Urban, sleek and modern Aloft is unpretentious. It’s simple and minimal.

3. Fast + Free WiFi in totally tech-savvy rooms. We love to chat up everything we experience during a road trip and that includes where we stay. It’s a drag to have spotty wi-fi and worse yet over priced service. High Tech check-in A new feature Aloft is rolling out at select hotels, they will send a message to your mobile device with your room number. When you arrive you can bypass the front desk and proceed directly to your room. Once at your room just touch and hold your Aloft brand SPG card to the door lock and the door will unlock. How cool is that!  They also have touch & go check-in kiosks where you can check-in with touch & go an easy-breezy, self-service kiosk. Touch-screen technology where you choose your exact room and floor, confirm rates, get keys, and even print your next flight’s boarding pass.

4. Good Environmental Practices .. They have park-like landscaping, fresh and inviting. They provide premium parking spots for hybrid cars as a reward for their most eco-minded guests. Natural materials like cork and sustainable wood veneers are integrated into the hotel’s design and less landfill litter is the thinking behind their in-shower product dispensers.

5. Aloft is Eager to Please … Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Aloft “gets it” ..   A vision of W Hotels, Aloft understands themodern business travel and they are doing it right!

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