The holiday shopping season is in full swing. The older I get, the more I hate to venture out into the crowds and the madness. Black Friday has become more of a spectator sport for me, watching the shenanigans on the news from the comfort of my couch, pie in hand.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to shop. In fact, I consider myself a ninja in the gift buying arena. There is nothing more satisfying that finding THAT perfect gift for those special someones in your life.

Take the frequent traveler. I have selected five of my favorite travel items that will make perfect gifts for the person who loves to travel.


The Metro Bag from Sacs for Life. 

sacs for lifeThis bag reminds me of the clown car at the circus. You know the one, the little car that clowns seem to keep on coming out of? This is the purse that things keep coming out of. I can fit everything I want to carry on the plane, and then some in one spacious and efficient (yet attractive) bag without feeling like a pack mule. There are five outer zippered pockets, enough room for my iPad, a front flap pocket with a magnetic closure for my cell phone, an insulated drink holder, a clip for keys and a full size pocket on the side.



ugobagsNothing is more frustrating than standing at the baggage carousel at the airport after a long flight waiting for your bag to come off the conveyer belt. What’s worse, is almost every bag looks the same. That was until the advent of UGOBAGS.

UGOBAGS is customized luggage for people that wish to design the look of their luggage. You decide what to put on your luggage and it is limited only by your imagination. Mine has the MidLife Road Trip logo, front and center. Not only is my bag a standout on the carousel but it is a walking, wheeling billboard in airports around the world.

The shell is 100% Polycarbonate material, super lightweight, impact resistant and comes in 3 sizes and 3 colors. The wheels, retractable handle, handles and stands come in 8 different colors so you can customize. The inside is  fully lined and has a number of mesh and sealed pockets as well as compression straps. This bag is truly one of my favorite things!


The Air Repair Kit

air-repair-kit-LTravel plays havoc on your skin. No matter how much water I consume, my skin ends up feeling like a prune after a long flight. That was until I discovered Air Repair.

The Air Repair Kit was created to fight environmental stresses  to the skin, especially travel and flight fatigue. It has a ground-breaking formula which are petroleum, mineral oil and paraben free and with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (moisture retention), Cloudberry Seed Oil (a powerful anti-oxidant) and Heat Shock Proteins (climate-adjusting) it is great for all skin types.

It comes packaged in a see-through pouch, with travel size products and I clip it to the outside of my backpack so I can easily use it throughout my flight. Air Repair is now readily available at Target Stores and I couldn’t be happier!


Mophie juice pack power station PRO

mophie proWe live in a digital world. Smart phones, tablets and gadgets with batteries that need to be recharged. The problem is, sometimes there just isn’t anywhere to get a charge. With the Mophie juice power pack station Pro at Verizon wireless you get a 6000 mAh battery charger that is compatible with most USB devices. It has a rugged design for extreme conditions. This is the perfect gift for the tech traveler to keep them connected.


 Aero press

aeropressThose who know me, know my love of coffee and my frustrations when I can’t get a decent cup on the road. That, was before I found the Aero Press. I polled my travel friends when I was searching for a coffee brewing system I could take on the road with me and Aero Press was hands down the name that kept coming up.

It reminds of the French press process of brewing and the results are fantastic. Smooth, rich coffee flavor without bitterness and because of it’s micro filtered, no grinds sneak into your cup. In less than a minute, you’ll have a delicious full bodied cup of coffee.


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