Q1. Your “dream” dining experience would be… what/where/with who? #NUTS
@WindstarCruises On deck with family & friends, preferably a sunset is involved
@AnotherTraveler  dream dining experience would be http://t.co/2EWAst24 at night in Sydney, Australia with close friends
@CoupleofSports  Buffet with In N Out, Indian food, BBQ, & Pizza. Board games, stretch pants, and fun friends. Margarita machine optional.
@Cheapflights  The best sushi in the world! (In a subway station in Tokyo!!) http://t.co/qNmk7cHm
@LewisPoretz  with Steven Tyler and the boys of Aerosmith. Greatest R & R party band
@ehalvey   El Bulli, but since it closed, I’ll take an Indian feast w/ a view of the Taj Mahal or a rustic meal at an Italian vineyard w/ hubs
@NomadKeith  A pie; sitting on the wall behind Harry’s Café de Wheels with Kylie Minogue
@lcampanati  My dream dining experience would be to #travel and taste the food of all the Mediterranean countries.

Q2. Most romantic vacation spot #NUTS
@NewYorkHabitat  Paris! One of the most romantic cities in the world of course
@TOR0706  Deserted Beach at sunset! Something about that sand
@_chambaby_ <–KAUAI!!
@akonthego   Cabin overlooking a tranquil lake, or a secluded beach, anywhere
@Cheapflights  Deja Vu.  Tulum, Mexico! Total magic for couples looking for a complete escape
@WillingFoot  Hard to argue with Capri, Italy
@St_Acupuncture  The english countryside. Absolutely beautiful!
@ChefBillyParisi  we went to the Dominican and stayed the Melia and it was amazing! Beautiful beaches, nice people and great food!

Q3. Favorite celebrity couple  #NUTS
@allaboutmexico  Jen & Brad.. oh wait.
@McMedia: One of Hollywoods longest & most enduring romances of almost 36 years, Kermit & Miss Piggy
@BridalTravelGuy  Ernie & Bert
@TotallyTypeA   Ben Affleck &Jennifer Gardner or Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick!
@ToursDeMornay  Brad and Angelina
@ACarlton  Johnny and June Cash, Romeo & Juliet, John Keats & Fanny Brawne, etc
@L_e_a_h   Love Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara!
@kitwhelan   Ron & Hermione. Or Amy & Rory of #DoctorWho.

Q4. Movie that moves you the most #NUTS
@lionsandcows   Wild Strawberries
@RoamingJohn   Love Actually
@GingerTT  Tie between Out of Africa and Pride & Prejudice .. 2nd version
@jkheaton   An Affair to Remember
@WillingFoot   Dead Poet’s Society moves me every time
@MikeCjourno   Grapes of Wrath – loved the book but Henry Fonda brought that move to life for me
@azurelaroux   Not without my Daughter. Sally Fields was awesome!
@gracenote   Legends of the Fall. Brad Pitt = Tristan.

Q5. Post (or link) a picture you love – tell us why  #NUTS
@familyonbikes  I love this monastery in Burma. So huge and magnificent and natural. http://t.co/3OBrnRgx
@CruiseBuzz  Buzzing: photo “I love” for #Nuts (Hint: two of my fav things) http://t.co/yGAtoRyY
@L_e_a_h   Pic of me holding a pic of my mom. She died of cancer 2 yrs ago on Thursday
@flyingwithfish  ( http://t.co/4bIZKYH1 My daughter when she was 4 & my Nikon F)
@JeanetteJoy  I love Anagoda Island in the BVI… Lobster for breakfast, lunch & dinnerhttp://t.co/kvoePOvH
@BAIRDSTRAVEL  lOVE THIS PHOTO it`s my loved on coming back from the shops.  PS hope she hasn`t forgot the beer http://t.co/25YHVG7R
@SuzeMars   This was a fun one to take at Arches, can’t get it bigger at the moment    http://t.co/105omR1J
@caroleluck  Boyhood of Raleigh – Everett Millais; painted in Budleigh Salterton, Devon, near my childhood home. Raleigh’s birthplace near too.

Q6. Favorite music to “set the mood” #NUTS
@Mindless00  Book of love from Peter Gabriel?
@RickGriffin   “In the Mood” gets me in the mood
@MiraCristine   any cheesy love songs
@3pupsinapopup   Let’s Get it on marvin Gaye
@ViewOnTravel   Don’t judge, but that new Kelly Clarkson song definitely sets my mood for a good run!
@Kcom  Otis Redding These Arms of Mine does it to me every time.
@KelseyIvey I’m a huge Ella fan too!
@foodieintl  A little Billie Holiday never hurts.

Q7. Best thing you’ve done for someone you love #NUTS
@Chimeratravel   hmm tough call. I graduated college early to come back home to my then-boyfriend so we didn’t have to be apart longer
@eatsleeplaugh   left them alone…hehehehe
@skalatitude   Break up with them LOL
@MisterHirsch   Anything.
@McMedia   It’s what my husband did for me~ He made it possible for my dad to spend his last year at home with us #Priceless
@AnotherTraveler  forgive them – that’s the best thing I could of done
@RickGriffin  I ate her cooking before she was any good at it
@BoomerangHotels  I married him!

Q8. Favorite chocolate food/recipe#NUTS
@JeanetteJoy   Chocolate brownies with fudge icing and vanilla ice cream. Ony a dream for me this year.
@ToursDeMornay   Chocolate brownies, especially the ones from @WOOLWORTHS_SA  that you warm up and have it with ice cream – my favorite!
@BoomerangHotels:  Chocolate Chip Mini Cheese Cakes!
@SandOnTheBrain  Dove (Chocolate Discoveries) Chocolate mousse and chocolate martinis are both fabulous
@BespokeTravels: Chocolate. Chocolate covered bacon. Bacon flavored chocolate.
@azurelaroux   Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies are my fav Chocolate recipe
@RainyDayTravelr  Recently served home-made Italian pizzelles with nutella that went over quite well

@AnnVertel anything that oozes hot molten chocolate out of the center – yum! 

Q9. Best Valentines/Romantic gift you’ve given or received #NUTS
@allaboutmexico   Homemade cards my little girls gave me. Priceless.
@TheTrvlPrincess   I’m pretty sure its illegal in most of the 50 states
@CruiseBuzz   The best Valentine gift I ever got was a 9 pound baby boy
@thetripchicks   Two Biz class tkts ATL-LON on BA. (I won them on Valentines Day!)
@NomadKeith   A ticket to the Belgian Grand Prix. (She went shopping in Liege!)
@ZipSetRachel  An original painting commissioned from a friend
@ehalvey   Got a class to learn how to make Indian street food for the hubs last year. Mmm, bhel puri
@Velcro108   B&B on the St Charles streetcar line in New Orleans. Can’t go wrong. RT

Q10. Worst Valentine’s Day experience #NUTS
@ViewOnTravel  I had JUST broken up with a long-distance boyfriend … when the flowers he ordered arrived at my dorm
@TravelMaestro  got dumped on a Valentines date.Go figure. Why’d he even bother?
@MiraCristine  when people gave out cards at school and I got nada
@friends44   travelling when all flights were delayed and had nothing to eat.. and homesick
@MalloryOnTravel  oh and the Valentine’s Day I spend on operations with three hairy arsed troopers we did not even exchange cards
@HennArtOnline  The chocolate melted & it was a fake diamond lol!
@RainyDayTravelr  Any day that celebrates chocolate can’t be bad, even if it’s just me and Rocky Road
@3pupsinapopup  My sexy photos got “lost” at the drugstore

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