The EAT (less) PRAY (more) LOVE (unconditionally) Tour

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My life has been a tapestry of “themes”. From marriage, parenthood, loss, resilience, travel, a celebration of the ages, to personal exploration, the list goes on and on. It has woven a tight-knit roadmap that has helped me navigate life’s highs and lows and given me unlimited fodder to write about. My latest theme is derived from the title of one of my favorite books and movies: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

My EAT (less) PRAY (more) LOVE (unconditionally) tour will follow and document my journey to:
1. Eat less, more mindfully, and to make healthy, delicious choices.
2. Pray more, meditate and appreciate.
3. Love unconditionally, have an open mind and a tender heart.

I will ‘pack’ these three self-imposed mandates and take them wherever I go, starting with the Eastern Seaboard Explorer on Viking’s newest ocean ship the Viking Sky.

The Itinerary:

DAY 1 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
DAY 2 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
DAY 3 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
DAY 4 Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
DAY 5 At Sea
DAY 6 Gaspe
DAY 7 At Sea
DAY 8 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
DAY 9 At Sea
DAY 10 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
DAY 11 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
DAY 12 New York City, New York, USA
DAY 13 New York City, New York, USA

Eating healthy and mindfully on Viking is easy. I have sailed on both their ocean and river cruises where healthy choices abound. They not only ask you about your food allergies and requirements but, will tell you each meal what dishes fall into your category. There are always vegetarian options and heart-healthy items on the menu to choose from. I’m already craving the poached Norwegian salmon and cucumber salad.

Finding quiet time or introspection is effortless on a Viking Ocean cruise. To quote Viking founder, “it is a thinking man’s cruise, not a drinking man’s cruise.” Viking makes cruising effortless, giving you more time to explore yourself as well as your destinations.

What’s not to love about the Viking Sky? Beautiful all Veranda staterooms (with oversized showers and heated bathroom floors), a friendly and professional crew who know what you need or want before you do, the LivNordic Spa with sauna, Thalassotherapy and plunge pools, Nordic steam room and snow grotto all included, and a destination focused menu featuring local specialties.

I’m so excited (it’s on my Bucket List) about the Viking Sky’s Eastern Seaboard Explorer itinerary, hoping to capture the change of colors as we hug the coast from Montreal to New York City. From learning about making maple syrup to exploring Quebec City, a visit to charming Percé, breathing in the crisp Atlantic salt air, following the steps of our forefathers in Boston and coming full circle spending our last day and night in my birthplace New York City.

I’m hoping you’ll follow along with me and let me know YOUR favorite places along the way to Eat, Pray, Love!

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