Dare to Dream! with Andrea Metcalf author of Naked Fitness

When Andrea Metcalf, Chicago’s premiere celebrity fitness expert, journalist and author of “Naked Fitness” invites you to speak at her conference along with some of the most influential & successful women in social media, you don’t ask questions; you just go.   Midlife Road Trip’s own Sandi McKenna joined a virtual ‘Who’s who” of panelists that featured advice on everything from “Owning it” to “Blogging notes.”  Organized with the goal of serving as an inspiration for business professionals, bloggers, aspiring career seekers and those who needed a rejuvenating change to help create their dream life, the messages began with similar themes.

• Immerse yourself in your passion and have clear, defined goals.

• Partner with a like mentor, someone who’s already achieved what you desire

• Know your true value, whether you provide goods or services and pay yourself first


The groups ‘must-do’s’ regarding maintaining a social media presence or blog were:

• Be authentic. 

• Engage & socialize, Ask questions and get to know your audience.

• Edit yourself and be consistent when it comes to your availability.

• Be a positive presence. Everyone has bad days, but try to keep your interactions upbeat.

• Post lots of pictures and videos.  

• Maintain an editorial calendar to keep yourself on track. 

• Write for others, not just yourself

• Most importantly; stop waiting and just start writing.


Suggestions for those wanting to monetize their blog involved 

• Having multiple levels of distribution in mind

• Utilizing University undergrad programs who may work for the experience

• Establishing a newsletter

• Creating sales points that emphasize why your blog/site is different and how you can be of benefit to a sponsor.


When it comes to self care & presentation, the panels had the following advice:

• Make eye contact and shake hands with confidence

• Plan your wardrobe and maintain confident posture

• Leverage your strengths and ask for help in your weaker areas. Very few people are good at everything.

• Smile and encourage someone else on a daily basis.

• Be aware of your self-image and internal dialogue.

• Don’t worry about the little things, project the positive that’s within you and stay true to who you are.

• Practice gratitude, always


Seizing opportunities, recognizing what you’ve learned from others and sharing your experiences and knowledge are all key in succeeding at whatever goals you may have. There is a delicate art to balancing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of pursuing your dreams but with constant re-evaluation it’s possible to re-focus and keep yourself on track.



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