Since 1987, Italian immigranBruno Serato, has owned the Anaheim White House Restaurant in Orange County, California which features Northern Italian cuisine.  He’s prepared meals for many celebrities among them Danny De Vito, Andrea Bocelli, Madonna and even former president Jimmy Carter. Bruno’s philosophy is simple: to treat each and every one of his patrons as a distinguished guest in his home. Simple as it may be, Anaheim’s once “hidden treasure” is now recognized worldwide, and is now a “home” to many.

Chef Bruno Serato had no idea that when he took his mom Caterina to the local Boys & Girls Club back in 2005 during her visit to  California, that his life would never be the same.  They saw a small boy eating a bag of potato chips for  dinner. Caterina turned to her son and said you need to feed him, feed all of them. He agreed and before he knew it one meal turned into 7 meals a week for  upwards of 300 Free Dinners To Hungry Kids Every Night!  332,700 Dinners Served To Date. The majority of the kids live with their families in motels, as many as six people in a single room.  They can’t get ahead, can’t afford the first and last months rent required to move into an apartment so they stay in the motel, sometimes for the majority of the kids childhood.

For six years Chef Bruno has prepared and delivered pasta to the kids, adding vegetables, chicken or salmon to his delicious sauce giving them much needed nutrition. Amazingly, Chef Bruno gives away more meals than he sells. Imagine that. Bruno’s goal is to get other restaurants and business to ‘step up to the plate’ so that no child in America will go hungry. He has figured it all out and has an upcoming book that spells it out so that others can follow suit. He has just been recognized as one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes “Everyday people Changing the World” … and if he wins he will receive a $250,000 grant. Now THAT’s a lot of pasta!  With a single vote you can help Bruno to make sure no child goes to bed hungry. Vote Here




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