Rockettes Radio City Spectacular

Every year, when growing up  in suburban Long Island, we would go to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes and look at the beautiful window displays at Macy’s Herald Square. It was a time honored holiday season tradition that dated back to my parents and their parents.

It was indeed spectacular! It never disappointed and I would secretly picture myself on the stage in the red velvet suit trimmed in white with long legs and perfect rhythm as we marched across the stage in the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.

Well, it never happened for a number of reasons, the most obvious being who ever saw a 5’1″ Rockette?

The memories still linger from the more than dozen Radio City Christmas Spectaculars I saw, peppered with holiday windows and hot chocolate at Rockefeller Center.
Time changes a lot of things and now my childhood fantasy is on my Bucket List!

Who says a slightly used 5’1″ 54 year-old can’t be a Rockette, at least for a day? The one thing I have learned over the past five decades is that anything can happen!

The stars of the Radio City Rockettes®, are coming to Macy’s across America and want to teach “us” Macy’s shoppers their moves! “Pick-me, Pick-me!

They will be showing us how to perform those eye-high kicks, providing a glimpse of the history of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular® and telling us what it takes to become a world-famous Rockette®. We’ll even get to join in a mini-performance and receive an “Honorary Rockette®” certificate. See, anything CAN happen!


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