Did you ever just want to get away from it all, perhaps somewhere in history or on a deserted island? If so, Chateau Avalon in Kansas City is the place for you, it’s a World Away! 

It was breathtaking as we arrived with a circular drive, illuminated fountain and the Chateau perched high upon a hill, the centerpiece on twenty eight acres.

We were greeted by a commanding set of double doors that open to a lobby with a grand staircase and chandelier. This was just the beginning as the real surprise came upon entering the room.

The Chateau is renowned for it’s themed rooms. Kind of an Epcot with crisp linens and fluffy beds. Each room boasts of a large bed, and a jacuzzi tub with a light show! It really was something else. My room was the Presidential, with a secret door hidden in the bookcase that let to a large and comfortable bedroom.  I felt like I was a character in the game of Clue. The bed was huge and it probably could have fit a family of four!

There are a host of other themed rooms that all have a touch of whimsy. There are the Classics: Hemingway, Lincoln, Seville, Renaissance, Casablanca, Havana. There are the Adventure rooms: Castaway Isle, Serengeti, New York Penthouse, Tahitian Treehouse, Roman Dynasty, Venetian, Pirates Cove, Colorado Frontier, Jesse James, Mayan Rainforest, Egyptian Palace and Buckingham.

If it’s Luxury your after: Tuscany, Monte Cristo, Venetian, Roman Dynasty, Presidential and Camelot.

The Chateau Avalon is a Bed & Breakfast on steroids. The breakfast was large enough to keep me full for hours! The service was wonderful from the timely breakfast serve in suite to the fresh baked cookies in the evening. This is the “Sybil” of boutique hotels, it has more than a dozen personalities, something for everyone.

Every night is truly an adventure.

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