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  • 100 Photos from Our Viking River Cruises Adventure in Portugal

    100 Photos from Our Viking River Cruises Adventure in Portugal

    When I experienced Portugal on Viking River Cruises “Portugal’s River of Gold” cruise, I absolutely fell in love with the country. Unlike so many of Europe’s better-known destinations that are overrun with tourists, Portugal provides opportunities for more authentic cultural emersion. Here is a collection of 100 of my favorite photos from the Portugal portion of the trip. My journey began with a couple of days of exploring Lisbon before heading to Porto where I boarded the […]

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  • 7 Best Hidden European Gems

    7 Best Hidden European Gems

    Europe nests some of the most incredible destinations in the world such as London, famous for its nightlife, shopping, and museums, Amsterdam for its narrow canals or Barcelona for its vibrant Catalonian heritage. But apart from these world-famous tourist destinations, Europe is also home to many gems which the mortal is yet to unearth entirely. Let’s uncover some of these most alluring unknown destinations in Europe.

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  • The Travel Bar is Set High for the New Year

    The Travel Bar is Set High for the New Year

    We admit that we feel more than a little blessed to have careers that allow us to travel for a living. Ever since Midlife Road Trip first began, each year has been filled with more exciting destinations and bucket list adventures than the year before. This last year has been no exception. For that trend to continue however, we may require the services of a magic genie as the travel bar is set high for […]

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  • Impressions of Portugal #VikingSocial

    Impressions of Portugal #VikingSocial

    Prior to receiving an invitation from Viking River Cruises to participate in the #VikingSocial cruise on the Douro River, I knew very little about Portugal. I was aware that Port wine was made in Portugal, and that cork trees grew there. Anything else I might have learned was surely forgotten as soon as I put down the pencil after taking whatever high school or college test I had bothered to study for in the first place.

    This trip afforded me the opportunity to learn of Portugal’s history, witness her beauty, experience her culture, and taste her wine. As a result, Portugal is now in the upper echelon of countries I would love to visit again and again.

    Of the 1,121 photographs I snapped along the journey, here are a few that summarize my first impressions of Portugal.

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  • Photographing #DoorPorn in Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal

    Photographing #DoorPorn in Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal

    For centuries, Arabs, Jews, and Christians have peacefully coexisted in the village of Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal. As an invited participant in the #VikingSocial Portugal’s River’s of Gold cruise, I had the opportunity to explore and photograph the 13th century fortress. One of my quirks as a photographer is photographing old doors. I found that the combination of old wood, stone walls, and growing vines made the #DoorPorn in Castelo Rodrigo some of the most interesting that I’ve […]

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  • Lisbon’s National Tile Museum #VikingSocial

    Lisbon’s National Tile Museum #VikingSocial

    Ceramic tiles are an important part of Portugal’s culture and history. As an invited guest on the #VikingSocial Portugal’s Rivers of Gold cruise, I took an optional tour that included a visit Lisbon’s National Tile Museum where I learned how ceramic tiles are made and saw quite an impressive display of tiles, some dating back to 1738. The tour concluded with a workshop where I was able to make my own ceramic tile. I chose to do […]

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  • Five Bucket List Checks on One Trip! #VikingStar

    Five Bucket List Checks on One Trip! #VikingStar

    Checking items off my Bucket List is a goal of every trip I take. Whether it’’s learning something new, visiting a new destination, trying a new cuisine, meeting an interesting person, or just being part of something big makes the trip all the more memorable. My recent adventure aboard the #VikingStar provided me with not one, not two, but FIVE bucket list checks on one trip! 1. Sail on the Maiden Voyage of a Brand New […]

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