This week’s #NUTS Spotlight Shines on Roni Weiss and New York Travel Festival

This week #NUTS spotlight shines brightly on Roni, Weiss, a travel industry connector, social media consultant and travel/events blogger.

He is the organizer of the New York Travel Festival, a new consumer travel event, a co-founder of Destination Accelerator (education and networking for destination marketers) and Travel Talk on Twitter (the world’s biggest Twitter travel chat).

He’s spoken about social media in a variety of places, including a roundtable at NYU, Africa Travel Association‘s World Congress in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, and Miracle Corners of the World‘s youth leadership retreat in Vermont.

Roni was born in Oceanside, Long Island, New York and grew up in Snohomish County, Washington. He was active in sports and music, with his sports emphasis being ice hockey and his musical focus being the trumpet.

At the ripe old age of 10, Roni began attending Edmonds Community College, receiving an Associate’s Degree with Honors in 1996 at the age of 12. He graduated from Lynnwood High School in 1999 at the age of 15.

From 1999-2002, he attended the University of Washington, graduating with double degrees in English (with a Literature emphasis) and Drama. During his time in the UW School of Drama, he was highly active in acting, writing, directing and producing. Roni’s “Big Idea” festival was a week-long, multiple-venue festival in which he served as the Executive Producer.

In 2004, Roni began what became a series of global trips. Over the course of less than a year , Roni visited 6 continents. He has taught English in Italy, Taiwan, France and Chile and has visited 70+ countries, including every country in Europe.

The inaugural New York Travel Festival weekend will take place April 20-21, 2013. Tickets are now on sale.

On Saturday, they’ll be at Bohemian National Hall, featuring an array of speakers, panelists, tastings, and other experiences. On Sunday, there will be a variety of opportunities to experience local and international culture by venturing out into New York City’s varied neighborhoods and boroughs.

The goal of the NY Travel Fest is to reinvent the consumer travel show for a crowd seeking more interaction and a better sense of NYC and beyond.

Last Minute Madness

Last Minute Madness

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A Guide to Time Travel

A Guide to Time Travel

A Guide to Time Travel

What if you could travel back in time? Where would you go?

And this isn’t some theoretical exercise. Time travel is real. Or at least, there is a form of it being offered on the north banks of the St. Lawrence River this summer.

In a sleepy corner of eastern Canada two major anniversaries are converging to offer visitors a unique glimpse of the past.

Two hundred years ago, Pride & Prejudice was first published, while a war raged here in North America. The first attracts fans from all over the world, while the second is part of a well-funded commemoration for the War of 1812. Together, the two anniversaries are creating a brilliant world of living history along the St. Lawrence River this summer.

There’s nothing Average about Average Jo Magazine

There’s nothing ‘Average’ about Average Jo Magazine ! Average Jo Magazine’s focus is to encourage and equip the average American woman to achieve a physical, mental, and spiritual life balance by providing useful everyday resources and tips. Our hope is that together, we can begin to celebrate more of life’s moments, build on our core values, and encourage each other along the way. At the end of the day, each Average Jo hopes to put her feet up, tilt her head back, exhale and feel like she has made a difference.

Henie Reisinger, photographer, artist AND #NUTS Guest Therapist

Henie Reisinger, photographer, artist AND #NUTS Guest Therapist! As a photographer and mixed-media artist, Henie Reisinger smiles when people praise her vision. Unknown to all but a few, Henie sustained a serious eye injury at one-year-old, leaving her left eye completely blind and her right eye with limited vision. As an artist, Henie considers her work post-visual; her focus is tapping into the core of matter, meaning and experience.

Henie’s recent artwork encompasses sustainable and environmental pieces that utilize recycled elements from culturally relevant sources. Rich in texture, these pieces are highly evocative. Through her assemblage of words, pictures and contours, the artist structures her pieces by touch, trusting that the iconic imagery—so resonant with sense memory—will tell the story.

Meet Vicky Akins, We’re #Nuts About her!

Meet Vicky Akins, We’re #nuts about her! This week’s #NUTS Guest Therapist is Vicky Akins. Vicky’s been part of the #NUTS conversation since it began a little over two years ago. With her quick wit and amazing sense of humor Vicky is always the life of the #Nuts twitter party! She’s a frequent contributor of #Nuts topics and questions where her creativity takes center stage!

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