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  • Business Insider Klout

    Business Insider Klout

    Midlife Road Trip’s Sandi McKenna was recently interviewed by Shira Levine for a great article in Business Insider about social media Klout.

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  • BBC Travel

    BBC Travel

    Midlife Road Trip’s @RickGriffin was the subject of the BBC’s Passport Travel Blog where he gave his usual humorous take on the traveling life.

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  • Indie Travel Podcast

    Indie Travel Podcast

    Rick was recently interviewed by Indie Travel Podcast about his participation in this Summer’s Mongol Rally.  

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  • Go, See, Write’s Lucky 13 Questions

    Go, See, Write’s Lucky 13 Questions

    One of our favorite travel writers, Michael Hodson, of Go, See, Write recently made our own, Rick Griffin the subject of his “Lucky 13 Questions” column.  Click here for a link to the interview.

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  • MidLife Road Trip makes its West Coast Television Debut

    MidLife Road Trip makes its West Coast Television Debut

    The MidLife Road Trip makes its West Coast television debut this week when it airs on California Life HD.  

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  • Blog Talk Radio

    Blog Talk Radio

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Midlife Road Trip on the Best People We Know Show with host Deb Scott. The perfect therapy for a midlife crisis – The MidLife Roadtrip! It’s the firm belief of Sandi and Rick that a road trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis. They are all about encouraging people to live their dreams (at least the good ones). Whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or as simple as meeting someTwitter friends in […]

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  • Listen Live 12pm – 1pm est The Beauty Blueprint with Michelle Phillips

    Listen Live 12pm – 1pm est The Beauty Blueprint with Michelle Phillips

    Monday, January 17, 2011 12 pm to 1 pm est Listen HERE Call In: US & CANADA: 1 (866) 254-1579 Guest: Sandi McKenna What Makes You Beautiful? What is your personal beauty blueprint? Listen in as Michelle introduces her philosophy and helps you rediscover who you are from the inside-out.

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  • In-Flight Tech: Which Airlines Have the Best?

    In-Flight Tech: Which Airlines Have the Best?

    In-Flight Tech: Which Airlines Have the Best? By Paul Eisenberg Published October 04, 2010 | FoxNews.com Remember years ago when airlines first made seatback telephones available and you couldn’t get through a flight without overhearing a fellow passenger say, “You’ll never guess where I’m calling from!” Or think about your first time using the touchscreen in the seatback in front of you to play an in-flight trivia game against fellow passengers. Do you recall how good it felt to finally […]

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  • Follow Me At Sea

    Follow Me At Sea

    Posted on July 1, 2010 by cruisemuse Copyright – Princess Cruises aaaaah… Alaska. While my right brain fed vicariously on the travel porn of the recent Princess Cruises social media junket; my right brain couldn’t help but wanting to analyze data and results. (RT @TripAdvisor: Travel porn is watching people do things you’ll never do in places you’ll never go.)  Certainly the sales and marketing team at Princess had some key metrics and outcomes in mind. Or maybe they just […]

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  • Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars

    When they’re not out practicing Twitter jujitsu, social media managers craft companywide guidelines and also proselytize within the ranks. Some employees inevitably balk at the idea of tweeting about their jobs because it sounds suspiciously like more work. Others worry—often rightfully—about oversharing themselves into trouble. Last year, James Andrews, a vice-president at the PR firm Ketchum flew to Memphis to talk to employees at FedEx (FDX), one of the agency’s largest clients, about digital media. Shortly after arriving in Memphis, […]

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  • Rick Griffin’s Commercial Airs on National Television

    Rick Griffin’s Commercial Airs on National Television

    We are so excited to see our first nationally televised commercials on the air! We ran a couple programs for Budweiser’s Designated Driver program earlier this year. They bought two videos from Poptent creators -Rick Griffin and Bryan Law – and they’ve aired on the Conan O’brien Show on NBC this week! You can watch both videos on their Facebook Page that goes along with the project (and become a fan while you’re there!). I dropped Rick a line to see if he […]

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    Happiness Is a Full House by Lynn Schnurnberger published: 05/02/2010 Happy together: Zoee Frakes and dog Ginger, Madi Oliver, Ralph Finkenbrink, Sandra McKenna, Kristel Oliver, and Betty McKenna.   When Madi Oliver turned 8 a few weeks ago, her mom, sister, grandparents, and great-grandparents feasted on barbecue, crab legs, and a pink-frosted cake at a dinner table decked out in full Hello Kitty regalia. While some relatives have to travel 20—or even 2000—miles to be at a loved one’s party, […]

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  • A Look That’s Fun, Not Frumpy

    A Look That’s Fun, Not Frumpy

    Reader Stories: What’s Your Fashion Look? From MidLifeRoadTrip, About.com Member How would you describe your fashion look? I would classify my style as a combination of couture, classic and sporty. Living in the South we tend to wear a lot of resort casual. Much of the time the heat dictates the outfit. Sundresses, capris by day. The little black dress, or pencil skirt and blouse by night. Jeans are a staple, fitted with a flare. No mom jeans here. How […]

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  • Bucket List Adventures on WeTV

    Bucket List Adventures on WeTV

    Get inspired to go after your dreams! By Jessica Solloway What started as friendly banter between strangers on Twitter, turned into a web travel show phenomenon  MidLife Road Trip follows along as Rick (the southern gentleman)  and Sandi (the cookie enthusiast) pursue once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and adventures on their bucket lists. From conquering fears to attempting daredevil escapades, the MLRT cast/crew inspires others to live out their dreams in every episode. Q: How did the Midlife Road Trip Show come about? Did […]

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  • Humor Helps When Sharing Housing

    Humor Helps When Sharing Housing

    Reader Stories: What It’s Like to Have Several Generations Living Together? From MidLifeRoadTrip, About.com Member What Led Our Family to Move in Together We have four generations under one roof. My daughter moved home a few years ago with her two daughters while going through a divorce. Last year my father became very ill. He was hospitalized for for six months, almost near death several times. During that time my mother came to live with us so she wouldn’t be […]

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