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  • Travel with Purpose in National Parks

    Travel with Purpose in National Parks

    What better way to vacation than to Travel with Purpose in National Parks this summer. And who better to show us how than ARAMARK Parks and Destinations.

    There’s no better way to welcome warmer weather than with travel to the great outdoors. America offers vast wilderness for people to explore from the grandest of National Parks, to undisturbed forestland. If this isn’t inspiration enough to lace up your hiking boots, April is also Keep America Beautiful Month, and home to National Parks Week (April 20-26) and Earth Day (April 22). Perfect excuses to leave civilization, head out into wild and explore our great resources while leaving only foot (or hoof) prints behind.
    As National Park, Forest and State Park concessioner, ARAMARK Parks and Destinations practices stewardship through its Green Thread (R) program, which ensures that all aspects of business are performed sustainably- from purchasing as much food as possible from a 100 mile radius, to composting and recycling operations that sometimes enlist volunteer vacationers to go far into the wilderness to clean up after others.

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  • savoring some of the world's best sandwiches

    10 Bucket List Sandwiches

    It’s no secret that we love to eat. In our travels, we’ve been blessed to experience some of the best food on the planet. We’ve compiled a list of 10 sandwiches that should be a part of your culinary Bucket List! We have pictures of some of these sandwiches. Others were devoured before we took out our cameras, still they made a good enough impression to be included in this list. Muffuletta from Central Grocery in New Orleans, Louisiana. The famous […]

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  • Cross Country Train Trip on Amtrak

    Cross Country Train Trip on Amtrak

    Riding the rails on a cross country train trip had been on our Bucket List for a long time. So when Amtrak offered to take us from Chicago to Los Angeles aboard the Southwest Chief, we jumped at the chance! It was an adventure of a lifetime that included eating Chicago style pizza in Chicago, going to the top of Willis Tower, watching the sunset over the Mississippi River, riding in a hot air balloon in Albuquerque, and exploring beautiful […]

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  • 4 Reasons I Fell in Love with California

    4 Reasons I Fell in Love with California

    California holds 1st place as most popular of the United States for various reasons. Being such an outdoorsy, free-spirited wanderer, I had always felt drawn to experience California for myself as I am highly intrigued by the many natural features this land has to offer such as Yosemite, the Redwood Forest, oceans surrounded by mountains, and the general hiking scene. For many others, however, the hype and fame of Hollywood, the intriguing “LA lifestyle”, and undoubtedly the beach scene is just enough to draw them in. And why wouldn’t it? …

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  • OMG An Eight Pound Cheeseburger!

    OMG An Eight Pound Cheeseburger!

    We visited The Catch, just across from Angels stadium in Anaheim, California where Rick witnessed the making of the famous “OMG” – an enormous eight pound cheeseburger!  

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  • Learning to Dance #BucketList

    Learning to Dance #BucketList

    Sandi goes behind the scenes at Battle of the Dance in Anaheim, California where she learns a step or two from some of the best in the business. Is she ready for Dancing with the Stars? You be the judge! Either way, she got to check something off her Bucket List.

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  • Walking Across the Golden Gate Bridge

    Walking Across the Golden Gate Bridge

    While on our trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, we joined our friend Vicky Akins in a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge to check one more thing off our Bucket List.

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  • Eat, Drink & Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness at Four Seasons LosAngeles

    Eat, Drink & Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness at Four Seasons LosAngeles

    It’s no secret that we LOVE the Four Seasons! Not only do they make you feel like it’s home away from home, they are a hotel with a heart and soul. We truly feel like we are family when we stay at The Four Seasons in Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.  This month they are “Thinking Pink” for Breast  Cancer Awareness. Check out the awesome ‘pink’ offerings for a great cause … This October, enjoy pink specialty cocktails, themed cuisine, […]

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