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  • Is living the dream impossible? We think not!

    Is living the dream impossible? We think not!

    Is living the dream impossible? We think not! We would like you to meet Brian and Marianne, two very inspiring friends we met on Twitter. They changed course, charted a new route and are now living their dream.

    Here’s their story ….

    We are Brian and Marianne, owners of Le Couloumé and Le Fournil, our newly-refurbished vacation cottage in South West France. A couple of years ago we

    Brian and Marianne
    Brian and Marianne
    decided to make a long- held dream reality: quit the stresses of commuting to London and start a new life in the French Pyrenees.

    Brian, originally from Cornwall/England, is a keen road cyclist and found a cyclist’s nirvana here. He also brews a variety of beers of excellent quality, as anyone who tries them will attest, and is a talented guitarist and musician as well. Marianne, a Berliner by birth, with an inborn wanderlust, is a natural linguist speaking three and a half languages: German, English, French and a bit of Spanish. She is also passionate about vegetarian cooking, many ingredients coming from our potager, the typical French kitchen garden, where we grow a lot of our own fruit and vegetables.

    Here is our story: For many years, working and living in London we had felt (like many people) that there should be more to our lives than feeling constantly exhausted by demanding, stressful jobs which left so little quality time.

    Unlike many people we decided to do something about it and the desire to move to another country, either Italy or France, took hold. The much simpler life style and the slower pace of life that draw millions of people like us for their holidays was a powerful incentive to choose one of those countries to live our dream.

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  • A Guide to Time Travel

    A Guide to Time Travel

    A Guide to Time Travel

    What if you could travel back in time? Where would you go?

    And this isn’t some theoretical exercise. Time travel is real. Or at least, there is a form of it being offered on the north banks of the St. Lawrence River this summer.

    In a sleepy corner of eastern Canada two major anniversaries are converging to offer visitors a unique glimpse of the past.

    Two hundred years ago, Pride & Prejudice was first published, while a war raged here in North America. The first attracts fans from all over the world, while the second is part of a well-funded commemoration for the War of 1812. Together, the two anniversaries are creating a brilliant world of living history along the St. Lawrence River this summer.

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  • Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr revisited

    Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr revisited

    Recipe For Success: Rachelle Lucas, a.k.a. @TravelBlggr, a freelance writer, videographer and spokesperson with a focus on travel, food and social media who believes the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors.

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  • There’s nothing Average about Average Jo Magazine

    There’s nothing Average about Average Jo Magazine

    There’s nothing ‘Average’ about Average Jo Magazine ! Average Jo Magazine’s focus is to encourage and equip the average American woman to achieve a physical, mental, and spiritual life balance by providing useful everyday resources and tips. Our hope is that together, we can begin to celebrate more of life’s moments, build on our core values, and encourage each other along the way. At the end of the day, each Average Jo hopes to put her feet up, tilt her head back, exhale and feel like she has made a difference.

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  • Meet Robert Reid the US Travel Editor for Lonely Planet

    Meet Robert Reid the US Travel Editor for Lonely Planet

    Robert Reid is the US Travel Editor for Lonely Planet. He appears regularly on the Today Show, CNN, Fox, MSNBC and the Weather Channel sharing travel stories and trends. In addition to writing two dozen Lonely Planet guidebooks (New York City, Eastern Europe, Central America, Southeast Asia), he has written for publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, CNN and World Hum.
    You can also check him out on Reid on Travel

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  • This weeks #nuts spotlight shines on Debra Cincioni, @momsofamerica

    This weeks #nuts spotlight shines on Debra Cincioni, @momsofamerica

    Debra Cincioni
    This week’s #nuts spotlight shines on Debra Cincioni, @momsofamerica. She been part of our #nuts community since its inception and her humor and zest for life make every day a joy!

    When asked to provide a biography by the amazing folks here at Midlife road trip, I thought ok…I can say that I am the President and co-founder of Moms of America, a membership-based organization for moms and women.

    Or I could stick with the mundane…I’m a mother of four and a businesswoman with experience in Internet ventures and list out all of my accomplishments both in business and in life…such as one I am extremely proud of… I graduated with Honors about 8 yrs ago with a Bachelors degree in Integrative Studies comprised of Psychology, Management and Information Technology …I have often used the principles gained from this academic discipline as a consultant for start-up and early-stage companies….

    – or I could simply be myself and speak from the heart….

    The most fun that i have had in the social media arena has been in meeting and supporting people.

    It has caused my world to both contract and expand. Contract by bringing people from across the globe into my life, and expand by making my small world a much larger and enriched place to dwell. I have had the honor of meeting a lot of my online friends in person or through skype

    I have found out the things that embarrass me the most, have been the things that have shown me the most about myself. That the term “playing in traffic” took on new meaning as i spoke at a @JeffPulver event with some friends Beth : @BethFrysztak and Carol: @ProjectQuinn about this very subject and its relevance to our online emergence into the social media world.

    That I had to close my eyes to hit the enter key on tweet deck to post the link to an article by Bit Rebels listing me as one of Twitters Top 75 Badass Women .

    Because of that article I was asked to do an interview with several people and finally chose to be interviewed by Tony Hastings : @TheTop10Blog in a very fun yet open way! The interview can be found here!

    And now…look how far I’ve come! I can be a #Nuts Therapist, post some of the funniest questions that can be- and are !- erroneously interpreted… All just because I love to support my friends Sandi and Rick… and that support of my friends has become far more important to me than simply hiding behind an Avi. We grow.

    Though my website is in the final stages of completion, my blog is completed on the site and can be found at http://www.momsofamerica.com/blog/ I hope to see you all soon and thank you for taking the time to read this! : )

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  • Henie Reisinger, photographer, artist AND #NUTS Guest Therapist

    Henie Reisinger, photographer, artist AND #NUTS Guest Therapist

    Henie Reisinger, photographer, artist AND #NUTS Guest Therapist! As a photographer and mixed-media artist, Henie Reisinger smiles when people praise her vision. Unknown to all but a few, Henie sustained a serious eye injury at one-year-old, leaving her left eye completely blind and her right eye with limited vision. As an artist, Henie considers her work post-visual; her focus is tapping into the core of matter, meaning and experience.

    Henie’s recent artwork encompasses sustainable and environmental pieces that utilize recycled elements from culturally relevant sources. Rich in texture, these pieces are highly evocative. Through her assemblage of words, pictures and contours, the artist structures her pieces by touch, trusting that the iconic imagery—so resonant with sense memory—will tell the story.

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  • Meet Iain Mallory a.k.a. @MalloryOnTravel

    Meet Iain Mallory a.k.a. @MalloryOnTravel

    Iain Mallory a.k.a. Mallory on Travel ‘s  twitter bio says:  Engaging with the World in 140 or less; Traveller(√) Writer(√) Photographer(√) Wannabe Stormchaser(√) Caffeine addict(√) Adrenaline junkie(√) Good guy (erm)  ~We  have enjoyed our many exchanges with Iain on Twitter and thought we would ‘share’ him with you. He’s this weeks #Nuts Guest Therapist of the Week! 

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