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  • The Dish on #SuperBowl Party Do’s and Don’ts

    The Dish on #SuperBowl Party Do’s and Don’ts

    Bring your A game to the party this weekend. We’re getting the Dish on Super Bowl Party Do’s & Don’ts. When in doubt ask an expert and we did just that. Who better than etiquette expert and mom of two boys, Patricia Rossi to tell us how to navigate the Super Bowl party!

    Tip #1:Do bring a dish to share to the Super Bowl party. Even if the host says not to bring anything, bring something anyway. More food choices and variety make the party memorable. Try to bring something you can eat with one hand and also consume in a few bites.

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  • Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland

    Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland

    It’s no secret that going to Ireland is on our Bucket List! Seeing Rachel Gaffney’s REAL Ireland however, is on the very TOP of that list! You may have seen her in Gourmet, Martha Stewart Living or in syndication on Hulu, ATT Uverse, AOL, and foodie sites such as iFood. However, her passion and her love for her homeland of Ireland really takes center stage in conversation, the stories she shares, the mouth watering recipes she prepares and her vast knowledge of all things Irish.

    By way of County Cork, now living in Texas, Rachel epitomizes the traditional-meets-contemporary approach to Irish recipes and foods shared by The Irish Kitchen. We’re excited to share a couple of her favorite recipes (and surely to be ours) for Apple Irish Whiskey Tarts with a side of Homemade Brown Bread Ice Cream.

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  • Flavorful Fall Marinade (Perfect for Tailgating)  #SundaySupper

    Flavorful Fall Marinade (Perfect for Tailgating) #SundaySupper

    Tailgating, we LOVE it! It’s all about food, fun and well there’s a football game involved! One of my favorite and simplest Tailgate feasts starts with grilled meat or fish. Everything from chicken wings to fish or kabobs.  But, the older I get the more concerned I am about eating healthier. So I spoke with Dr. Raul Serrano about healthier ways to tailgate and a good marinade for #SundaySupper. 

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  • Some of our Favorite Road Trip ‘things’

    Some of our Favorite Road Trip ‘things’

    We drove 7200 miles across the U.S. on our last trip for Rand McNally and USA Today‘s Best of the Road rally. It’s really hard to prepare for a trip of that magnitude. There were times we wished we had packed things we didn’t and other times we wish we would have left other things behind.  There were a few things that were stand-outs on this last trip and we thought we would share them with you. 1) Power Bar […]

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  • Travel Etiquette

    Travel Etiquette

    Who ever said you can’t have manners AND a sense of humor didn’t know Patricia Rossi .  Not even when upon returning to the dinner table Rick Griffin asks for a plunger just to get her goat, does she flinch.  Without missing a beat, she turns to him, and in her unassuming, ever so delightfully charming southern drawl says “Did you dookie up in there” …. The table erupts in laughter! She has that way about her.

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  • Aging Backwards in the Car ~ Tips & Tricks to Stay Young on the Road #BestOfTheRoad

    Aging Backwards in the Car ~ Tips & Tricks to Stay Young on the Road #BestOfTheRoad

    Aging Backwards While Moving Forward Tips & Tricks to Stay Young on the Road by Jackie Silver, http://agingbackwards.com/ When the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon set out to find the Fountain of Youth he found Florida instead. He wasn’t the first to look for healing waters that could restore youth, either. The legend goes as far back as the time of Alexander the Great, who was reputed to have searched for such waters in eastern Asia. Today, we’re still searching […]

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  • Travel Exercise Tips for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip #BestOfTheRoad

    Travel Exercise Tips for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip #BestOfTheRoad

    They’ll be a lot of miles for us to cover in four weeks on Rand McNally and USA Today’s Best of the Road rally. Lot’s of sitting and driving in between visiting the amazing small towns on our route. The older you get the harder it is to stay in shape and stay competitive. That’s why we consulted with our good friend and fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf who gave us exercise travel tips we can do on the road to stay fit.

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  • Summer Travel Doesn’t have to be a Vacation from your Diet! #BestOfTheRoad

    Summer Travel Doesn’t have to be a Vacation from your Diet! #BestOfTheRoad

    The competition is fierce and as the oldest team in the mix, we decided we better start “training” for the Best of the Road rally.  So we turned to our good friend, comedian  & fitness expert Tim Wilkins to find out what we should eat while ‘on the road’ this summer…… Summer travel doesn’t have to be a vacation from your diet!  By Tim Wilkins, Fitness Comedian and author of “Laugh Your Abs Off” The summer travel season is here […]

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