venin carry on The back story….

After travelling frequently (several times per month) for the past 7 years, my number one tip has become “Don’t check a bag”. With numerous cancellations, delays and multi-leg itineraries, the chance of your luggage arriving on time, if at all, is slim to none. With that said, space in my carry-on has become premium real estate. Only the must haves and essentials make the cut.

The challenge ….

Several months ago I received Venin Royale, “The science of pure king cobra venom”, a concentrated neuropeptide skin renewal serum to try. I’m always open to trying new products. At my age I don’t expect to look 25, but I do want to do everything I can to look the best I canvenin, for the age that I am.

Venin Royale promised to:

Improve skin firmness

Renew skin clarity, tone and texture

Replenish the healthy and vibrant appearance of skin

Boost skin resilience to environmental stresses and toxins

Combat the visible sign of aging

Caution to the wind …

So, I tried it. I’m pretty hard on my skin. I live in Florida so my face is exposed to heat, humidity and sun year-round. I fly a lot and my skin is subject to the horrible recycled air on the plane, in airports and pollution around the globe. I was pretty religious about making sure I applied the Venin Royale daily. It felt good on my skin and I began to see a difference. But, the real test came when a life long friend asked what I was using on my face. She thought it looked terrific.

venin royaleThe true test of success …

About a month or two after I started to use it, I was flying to Paris for 2-weeks with only a carry-on. The true test of Venin Royale‘s success is that it made its way into my carry-on. It has become an essential part of my daily routine whether I’m at home or on the road.

What’s in your carry-on? What won’t you leave home without?

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