Charleston, South Carolina is one of my favorite cites in the United States. So much so that I make a point of visiting at least once a year. Admittedly indulging in its world class food scene is my favorite thing to do in Charleston. Though Charleston is a relatively small city, as a foodie destination, it ranks right up there with the likes of New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Chicago.

In an effort to walk off the countless calories I consume when I am in town, I discovered a new passion – capturing Charleston’s charm on my smartphone. I love walking through the historic district snapping photos of churches, homes, flowers, windows, iron, or whatever catches my eye at that particular moment. On my hikes I could take one route today and the same route tomorrow and would collect an entirely different set of pictures. Even when I photograph something that I’ve photographed numerous times before there’s always some nuance that makes makes another click of the shutter totally worthwhile.

Here’s a collection of photos I captured with a Droid Turbo provided by Verizon Wireless on my most recent visit to Charleston.


With over 400 places of worship, Charleston is known as the “Holy City.” Church steeples are prominent in Charleston’s skyline.


Flower boxes throughout the historic district are always a great subject for a smartphone photograph.


If you love iron gates and gardens, Charleston has plenty, just begging to be photographed.


Exploring Charleston on foot is the best way to bring back digital souvenirs – and to alleviate the guilt from over eating.

What things do you like to photograph when you’re on vacation?

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