Caption This… Photo of the Day

We found this bicycle securely chained to a parking meter on the streets of San Francisco.  We provide the picture… you write the caption

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  1. ward smith says:

    Due to the recent rash of meter theft, authorities are recommending this new security lock system.

  2. Vicky says:

    Bike for sale: $50 Requires excellent balance and small butt OR ability to stand for long periods of time

  3. Don DiFiore says:

    50% OFF SALE

  4. Robin Slater says:

    … And what’s wrong with the front wheel?

  5. Susan Max says:

    Bike seat needed, Rear wheel needed, Agile rider wanted, parking meter priceless with unlimited potential for piggy bank growth!

  6. Rick Griffin says:

    City cracks down on expired parking meter violators

  7. Kim says:

    ……Taking my back wheel, seat and handle bars so that my bike won’t get towed! :O)