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The perfect therapy for a midlife crisis – The MidLife Roadtrip!

It’s the firm belief of Sandi and Rick that a road trip is the perfect therapy for a midlife crisis. They are all about encouraging people to live their dreams (at least the good ones). Whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or as simple as meeting someTwitter friends in real life, the Midlife Road Trip cast and crew are committed to making the most of midlife in a fun and entertaining way.

Sandi and Rick will introduce you to some of the most amazing people who keep Midlife Road Trip on the Road!

Rick is the founder/creator and co-host of the Midlife Road Trip. After a near-death experience in 2004, Rick re-evaluated his priorities, sold his business and began to pursue his creative passions in travel, writing and video production.

Sandi is the co-host of the Midlife Road Trip. Considered the Lois Lane of social media, Sandi’s natural curiosity combined with 20+ years in marketing and entertainment public relations were the perfect training ground for the MidLife Road Trip. Add to that a myriad of life experiences & her love of connecting with people everywhere and you get a recipefor laughter, the unexpected and a great time in any circumstance.

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