The 13th Gate is the Ultimate Haunted House! There are 13 very frightening, even horrifying themed indoor & (weather-permitting) outdoor areas where they promise your worst nightmares will come true! Can you even imagine crawling though a crematory oven and an old hearse, or  getting  lost in dark underground tunnels or standing on a rickety bridge overlooking hundreds of live snakes? Well, the 13th Gate has 40,000 square feet of blood curling, heart pounding horror!! It’s no wonder why the are voted one of the scariest haunted houses in the world!  They even have a disclaimer: Not for the faint of heart (nor is it recommended for anyone who is pregnant, has a pre-existing heart condition, is very young, or has a weak bladder)!

During the Halloween season, the 13th Gate has over 100 professional actors, 12 special effects makeup and airbrush artists and several costume specialists and we went backstage to see how they make the magic happens.

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