AlversonsAs a part of Expedia’s Find Your Storybook campaign, we are exploring the theme of Ancestry Travel. We are embarking on a quest to discover where we came from by researching our ancestors, tracing their paths and visiting, the places they lived, worked, played and died.

Chapter One of our journey entails research. Family records only take us back so far. So we reached out to to help us discover more. They were excited that we chose to make Ancestry Travel a part of our Storybook and they provided each of us with a World Deluxe membership, a DNA kit, and access to one of their family historians.

Through DNA testing, Sandi and I learned that we both have roots in Great Britain. So our quest is to now discover which branches of our family trees crossed the pond from Great Britain and when. My parents are from Alabama so my journey will begin there. Sandi’s parents are from New York, so her journey will begin there. Then we will each trace our family’s migration and explore the places they once lived. We’re not sure where exactly we will go or what we will find. Research will dictate our routes.  But we always say that the journey itself is part of the adventure!

We recently interview Michelle Ercanbrack, a family historian and official spokesperson for on Road Trip Radio where she shared some fascinating information discovering your roots.

What destinations would be on your Ancestry Travel itinerary?

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