It’s not every day that you see a Motel that advertises “Color TV”! Just across the street from the Tampa Taco Bus, we discovered this motel that not only has color TV, but offers clean rooms, weekly rates, & a pool!

And should you have poor cell reception in your room, notice the pay phone located under the motel’s sign for your convenience.

Obviously guest safety is a priority as the safety cover over the swimming pool is one of the sturdiest I have ever seen – it’s framed with 2x4s and covered with plywood and rolls of asphalt roofing.  Gotta LOVE IT! 🙂

In our travels, we’ve stayed at five star resorts and at dumps that make a Motel 6 seem like a five star resort. Rick once stayed in a dump just outside of New Orleans that came with a complimentary crack pipe and a can of Raid.

Tell us about the worst place you’ve ever stayed.

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