Reader Stories: What’s Your Fashion Look?

From MidLifeRoadTrip, Member

How would you describe your fashion look?

I would classify my style as a combination of couture, classic and sporty. Living in the South we tend to wear a lot of resort casual. Much of the time the heat dictates the outfit. Sundresses, capris by day. The little black dress, or pencil skirt and blouse by night. Jeans are a staple, fitted with a flare. No mom jeans here.

How do you achieve your look?

The older I get, the more I find myself gravitating to dark, solid colors. I find simple lines look best. Being petite, 5’1″, I usually avoid bold prints, but sometimes a punch of color really does make you feel better. Because I tend to lean towards monotone and dark colors, I try to occasionally step out of my comfort zone with a bright pink or blue. They truly are mood elevators.

Tips and Tricks

  • Solid colors are best.
  • Punch up your look with quality accessories.
  • Shoes and bags are a great way to make a funky statement.
  • When in doubt, go with understated.
  • Age appropriate is ALWAYS in vogue.
  • A hat and sunglasses can often work wonders.
  • Eat a good healthy diet and drink plenty of water.
  • A smile is your best accessory.
  • Make-up should have you looking refreshed, not like you just starred in a drag show.
  • Stylish eyeglasses are a must and worth the investment.
  • Comfort is key. There’s nothing more unsightly than watching someone tug and yank at their clothes all night.

My Taste in Jewelry

Like everything else, simple and classic. I prefer silver and platinum. Since I travel a lot, diamond or crystal studs go with everything.

My Take on Shoes and Handbags

This is where I choose to get a bit adventurous. Fun shoes and bags add a youthful feel to any look. It’s a way to feel trendy without looking as if you are trying too hard.

More Fun Accessories

Headbands are always a fun way to accessorize.

What I’d Never Wear

I never wear anything that’s extremely tight or low cut.

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