Europe nests some of the most incredible destinations in the world such as London, famous for its nightlife, shopping, and museums, Amsterdam for its narrow canals or Barcelona for its vibrant Catalonian heritage. But apart from these world-famous tourist destinations, Europe is also home to many gems which the mortal is yet to unearth entirely. Let’s uncover some of these most alluring unknown destinations in Europe.

Odense, Denmark

Being the birthplace of the beloved writer, Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish city of Odense offers his fans a peek into his life. Odense is full of attractions that are dedicated to the memory of Andersen. Explore one of the many museums giving us a deep insight into his life. Find various sculptures and statues giving remembrance of events of some of his most favorite stories. You can also find a seat on the unevenly decorated public bench resembling one of his fairy tale characters. Odense is the capital city of the island of Funen.

Odense, Denmark

Coimbra, Portugal

Once referred to as the capital of Portugal, Coimbra is the perfect destination for the art connoisseurs, history buffs and architecture admirers. Boasting of rich history, Coimbra is home to one of the oldest universities in the world. Check out the art galleries, pay a visit to the University Quarter, savor the wonderfully old architecture dating back to the Roman Times or head to one of the many great churches. Explore this hidden marvel for an easy day trip from Lisbon or Porto.

Maastricht, Netherlands

Although not as famed as Amsterdam, Maastricht is undoubtedly equally beautiful. Straddling across both sides of the Meuse River, this Dutch city is surrounded by beautiful countryside and historic castles. As one the oldest cities in the country, there are numerous historical wonders one can discover. All of the city can be easily unearthed on foot whereas the underground tours to the casemates is a must for the history enthusiasts where the visitors are provided with a golden opportunity to discover the network of underground passages lying under the city.

Maastricht, Netherlands

Matera, Italy

Matera is a historic Italian city boasting of rich culture. With just a few hours’ drive from the beautiful Amalfi Coast, Matera makes for an ideal day-trip. In 1993, the city was declared as a World Heritage Site and is said to be the most remarkable and perfect example of the troglodyte settlement in the Mediterranean region, quintessentially intact to its terrain and ecosystem. The visitors can also dine and spend the night in the large caves known as Sassi.

Mons, Belgium

Mons was honored with the crown of European Capital of Culture in the year 2015 and is home to three of UNESCO’s world heritage sites – the Dou Dou, the Belfry and the Neolithic Mines in Spiennes. Although, Mons may not enjoy the fame that cities like Ghent, Bruges or Brussels do, it has a diverse fusion of military, religious and civil buildings. Visitors can also explore the former house of the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh who spent some good years of his life residing in the city.

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Located approximately 90 kilometers from Prague in Western Bohemia, Pilsen has plenty to offer despite not being as famous as the other Czech cities. At the center of the town, one can savor the breathtaking picturesque square lined with manicured gardens and beautiful trees. Being home to Skoda engineering works and the birthplace of Pilsner beer, the rest of the city is more industrial. The art and history buffs will have a great time exploring the various art galleries and museums scattered around the city. The music fanatics can enjoy live music at one of the many concerts held in the city. You can also expect a wide array of cultural programs taking place in the town as Pilsen was ranked the second European Capital of culture after Mons in Belgium.

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Sibiu, Romania

Located across the Cibin River, Sibiu is a fusion of Hungarian, German and Romanian cultures. The architecture enthusiasts will have a ball of a time exploring the beautiful portrayal of architectural design, said to be constructed by German Settlers dating back to the late Middle Ages. Primarily loved for its captivating charm, the city is home to a stunning surrounding parkland and numerous exquisite restaurants. This Romanian city can easily be toured on foot or a bicycle. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the well-preserved Citadel of Sibiu which is amongst the best-fortified citadels in Europe.

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