Most everyone remembers a fun dinner party, and most everyone also remembers the dinner parties ‘where joy goes to die’.  Unfortunately, those parties are the drabbest events that guests cannot wait to get home to scrub off the blues. Below are five ideas to ensure that your next dinner party is an event that your guests will be glad that they went to.


People enjoy reliving fun events or trips by dressing up with spiffy outfits to themes such as the Roaring Twenties, Fabulous Fifties, Luaus, Mardi Gras, Western, and Cabaret. We found this fun website at, to give you great ideas and to order supplies for your next theme party. You can always pick a not so traditional holiday on the calendar to theme the party around it. For instance, you can theme your event around wine on February 18th for  ‘Drink Wine Day’ or feature delicious pies on ‘Pi Day’, on March 14th.

Game it! 

Finding game ideas for a dinner party is a cinch with the internet at our fingertips. There are countless websites full of various ideas to create laughter and fun with numerous games. There are loads of board games to choose from, or you can go completely techno and use your smart phones with


People love to remember good times by taking photographs and selfies with friends. What a better way to do it than with a fun photobooth by using props. We have found great ideas at HGTV for making fun and hilarious photobooths that will beckon your guests to play.


String up Christmas lights around the room to create a glowing atmosphere. Soft white lights will twinkle and sparkle a room, producing a magical mood to invite in your guests. Don’t forget the music! Bring up the beat with old school jams or get a karaoke machine for your guests to serenade you with beautiful songs.

Gift it! 

Your guests will feel appreciated with a thoughtful small parting gift to take home with them. It can be simple as a mini mason jar filled with colorful candies or mints that is tied with a ribbon around the lid. Another idea is to dip pretzels or plastic spoons in various chocolates, set it aside to dry and harden, then placing them in bags or tissue paper tied with string.

Following these fun ideas will make your next dinner party a smash hit. Don’t leave your guests looking to run out the door once they arrive. Leave them with a good time so that they will want to come back again, and again.

What tips do you have for spicing up a dinner party? 


Donna Foute is a Lifestyle Editor for Midlife Road Trip.  Professionally, she has created content for numerous companies on their websites as well as in print. She has authored several blogs over the years, from writing about the humors parenting, as well as highlighting interesting women from history, including those that are around today.  She worked as a Copywriter for a company in Tampa, and has been a contributing writer for Examiner’s Tampa Bay Parenting.  

Personally, she resides in the Tampa Bay area looking after her husband, her two teenage kids, her bullmastiff, and her two very annoyed cats.


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