Summer is quickly approaching and maybe you have broken your new year’s resolutions by now. Some chose to make healthier lifestyle choices to improve their quality of life and lose weight. As time passes, we can lose focus on our once determined goals and not progress. Below are five ways to improve your healthy lifestyle.

1. Drink Your Water

To maintain hydration to your body, it is recommended to drink eight glasses or sixty-four ounces of water per day. It cleanses toxins from the body, energizes muscles, curbs appetites, and improves brain function. Water is also more cost-effective and friendly to your budget.

2. Listen to Your Momma and Eat Your Veggies

Fruits and vegetables contain plentiful nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants that boost your immune system, fighting off dangerous toxins. Antioxidants help promote healthy skin, fight eye disease, and improve your overall health. Adding vegetables to your diet gives you a better chance of fighting some cancers and heart disease. It is recommended to have five to nine servings of various vegetables and fruits per day.

3. Learn to Say No

Taking on tasks that are beyond our physical limits can also affect our mental health. Having stress impacts your body in ways that cause weight gain, and you can eat healthy foods and exercise, but not reach your target weight loss goals because stress is keeping the added weight gain on your body. Contemplate what your limits are and learn to say no to things that cause you stress.

4. Take a Time Out

Mediation, finding time out to reflect and pray, and slowing your body and brain down is also a part of having a healthy lifestyle. Meeting up for coffee with a friend and spending quality time with loved ones are good for your mental health. Reading an inspiring book, soaking in beautiful artwork, spending time at the beach for a gorgeous sunset, a peaceful walk in the park and listening to the birds sing, are several ideas to take time out for yourself. These actives can help you unwind and distress causing more feelings of happiness and peace.

5. Move your Body

The American Heart Association suggests that exercising even 30 minutes in the morning will energize you for the day. So what if you don’t have that time to go to the gym or go for a jog around your neighborhood; just move more. Park further away when you are running errands. Practice yoga moves when binging on Netflix. Moving a little more each day will help you improve your healthy life.

Making healthy lifestyle changes and sticking to them isn’t easy. Following these five ideas for improving your health takes time to master, making little changes every day can help increase your overall quality of life and eventually will become healthy habits.

What are some ways you improve your lifestyle?



Donna Foute

Donna Foute is a Lifestyle Editor for Midlife Road Trip.  Professionally, she has created content for numerous companies on their websites as well as in print. She has authored several blogs over the years, from writing about the humorous side of parenting, as well as highlighting interesting women from history, including those that are around today.  She has worked as a Copywriter and has been a contributing writer for Examiner’s Tampa Bay Parenting.  

Personally, she resides in the Tampa Bay area looking after her husband, her two teenage kids, her bull mastiff, and her two very annoyed cats.


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