In this day and age air travel can be demanding, exhausting and downright frustrating at times. From parking at the airport, the complimentary TSA massage at security to over sold & cancelled flights it can be a very long and daunting experience. Here are five simple tips to “fly through the air with the greatest of ease”

  • After you park, take a picture of where you park. This will eliminate the hour long game of “hide and go seek” in the parking garage upon your return.
  • Time, there is NEVER enough of it. Anticipate a line at the ticket counter. Expect a line at TSA. There WILL be that person in front of you with the lace up thigh high boots and the carry-on loaded with full size shampoo bottles.┬áJust knowYOU will be the one selected for the pat down. Allow for extra time and mentally prepare for the ‘unexpected’
  • Common courtesy and back to the basics. If you see an elderly person struggling to get their bag in the overhead, do it for them. If a single mom is juggling diaper bag, luggage and child, offer a helping hand. It will make their day.
  • If a parent & small child find themselves with seats on opposite ends of the plane and the flight crew asks for volunteers so that they can sit together, by all means volunteer, EVEN if you get stuck in ┬áthe middle seat. It’s good karma.
  • If you are seated beside a weary business traveler who looks like they are desperate for a nap, don’t tell them every last detail about your gallstones. And if you are that weary traveler, try noise canceling headphones. I never leave home without them.



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