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10 ways to Leverage Social Media: Dream BIG and make it happen!

We started the MidLife Road Trip almost four years. It began as a simple conversation on Twitter. We actually met on Twitter. Rick lives in Atlanta Georgia with his wife, while Sandi lives inTampa, Florida with her husband. We often joke we have almost 50 years of marriage between us but to other people. Rick was raised in the south, a true southern gentleman while Sandi grew up at a fast and furious pace in New York. Our unlikely social friendship has grown into a successful business partnership.

Five years ago it just seemed like any average Twitter chat (this was before the hashtag made chats the norm) with others about dreams and aspirations. We had a common interest in video production and Rick had an idea for a series. He and his family flew south for spring break,  met with Sandi and decided to shoot a pilot episode, put it out there and see how people would receive it. They laughed, they related and we were hooked.

The MidLife Road trip has evolved over the past four years. What began on Facebook and Twitter as ‘our story’ and mission to check things off our own bucket lists, has grown along the way into us inspiring and helping others to fulfill their own bucket lists. The MidLife Road Trip has become a popular Food, Travel and Adventure webseries.  We have met and interviewed celebrities, partnered with big brands, eaten the best food imaginable, stepped out of our comfort zones to try new things, stayed in 5 star hotels, won awards, met heroes from all walks of life, made life changing friendships and traveled around the world all because of social media.

We have connected the dots.

So, how did two complete strangers from different parts of the country, with an idea take it to the next level using social media? How, did we connect the dots?

1)   Shared Values. No matter what kind of friendship or partnership you have, you have to have shared values for it to grow and prosper. Social media is no different. You have to find like-minded people who share the same intrinsic values.

2)   Authenticity. You have to be real. You have to be who you say you are and behave accordingly.

3)   Know when to seize opportunity. If opportunity arises and you’re not ready, as the song goes, it may never pass this way again.

4)   Mind your manners.  Rude behavior and poor social habits may get you noticed but for all the wrong reasons and by the wrong people.

5)   Consistently Flexible. I’m an overnight success said no one ever. It takes hard work. Be there when you say you will be. Deliver what you said you would, no matter what it takes. But things aren’t always written in stone, you know that gray area. You have to be willing to be flexible, to bend for the greater good.

6)   Passion. Be passionate about what you are doing because that’s what will get you through when nothing seems to be going the way you want it to. And, I promise you it won’t. You won’t make money out of the gate. People may not even listen to what you have to say in the beginning. But passion is the fuel that drives you during those times.

7)   Vision. Know what you want to accomplish. Create a plan if only in your head. If you can’t see it no one else will either. Better yet, write it down and share it with others who will hold you accountable.

8)   Be involved. Social media is where we began and it is where we thrive. We host a weekly chat on Twitter and Facebook. We participate in other chats. We follow and friend like-minded people. We grow and nurture our networks.

9)  Be sincere. People can smell fowl a mile away. Use a real (and current) photo. Be kind. Be the nice guy, the helpful one. Care. Comment.

10)  Dream BIG. While this is number 10 on the list it might just be the most important. Without a dream, a big one at that, we may never have accomplished a thing.

We are still in awe of the amazing experiences we have had. We believe when you use social media authentically, with good intent, extraordinary things can and will happen!

What kind of impact has social media had on YOUR life?

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